Thursday, 19 June 2008

View from the bench

Here's Ruby modelling one of the new benches that are dotted around the meadow. They are made of recycled timber, basically a tree trunk stabilised with stakes (done by Gareth, Countryside Ranger). Why not try them out for size and sit for a while and enjoy the meadow.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Volunteer days

If you ever wondered what we do on volunteer days on the park and meadow here’s one we did earlier (just click on the 'link' here and see the slideshow of one of our projects). All activities are taken at your own pace, and there’s always something to help you keep fit (or you can always ‘supervise’ on the sidelines). Developing the meadow is very important to us plus its a great way to improve your health and your local environment at the same time. All tools are provided and Gareth and Alec, the hired help (aka Countryside rangers with Cardiff Council Parks Department) (who we are eternally grateful for with their endless enthusiasm and knowledge) will provide you with any tools needed for the job in hand and demonstrate how to work safely. All you need to do is bring is yourself, and wear suitable clothing and sturdy footwear. Children are most welcome, but need to be surpervised by a parent or guardian. At this time of year we may not be able to do much in the way of clearing back wayward plants as we need to make sure we don’t disturb the wildlife that depends on these, but there is always plenty to do somewhere. Come along this Sunday at 2 (car park at the top of Radyr Road) and we’ll see what needs doing then.