Saturday, 21 February 2009

At last spring is here

Well it feels like it today and at last it also feels like everything has 'woken up' (including me!). The meadow area is looking greener all of a sudden and much noisier - walk over there most evening before dusk and the sound of birds singing their hearts out is enough to drown any hometime traffic in the distance. Its definitely time to start looking for those other vital signs of spring.
The herons have also been busy as well. One has been stalking around the meadow looking for food and another was spotted perched at the edge of the temporary pond behind one of the copses. No doubt there is obviously more food around for them as well.
There's more work to be done on the park tomorrow if anone fancies a few hours tidying up and cutting back shrubbery - as always it will help increase biodiversity + its a good way to keep fit!