Saturday, 23 May 2009

Nature in the raw

Of late it seems there are lots of jackdaws/carrion crows in the meadow mostly as the sparrowhawk appears to be doing a lot of hunting there and no doubt rich pickings are to be found as a result. Sadly though while I know nature is cruel I disturbed a flock of these corvids on saturday some hopping around the meadow while one or two were pecking a solitary dove to death - on my arrival they left her struggling with a broken wing and a damaged eye - the only solution really was to take her to be put to sleep as while she proved to be still a feisty girl it was the kindest thing to do.

I have seen magpies stealing and killing fledglings from nests before but never this and no doubt it probably happens quite a lot but goes unseen.

At least the broom is now heavy with 'blossom' making a lovely array at one end of the meadow while the gorse that was blooming all winter is now diminishing. I've also noticed more trees appearing on the meadow where no doubt we had scrub before - most of them seem to be oaks that have suddenly appeared to double in size. Sadly I also noticed the first appearance of knotweed in the area we cut and rake each each year.