Monday, 25 August 2008

Moths count

When you mention moths everyone I speak steps back in horror or amusement at the idea of spending an evening catching, counting and looking at them. Yet so few know very little about them and often their view of them is just about those that they find in their houses. Sadly there is a huge variety of creatures out there and plenty to learn more about them. So, late one sunday night we went out with 3 moths traps to see what moths are around at this time of the year. Sadly all year the moths haven't wanted to appear in the traps - the weather and changes in seasons have a lot to answer for. We found many of the Underwing family (the Large and the Lesser Yellow Underwing, and the Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing and Copper Underwing), along with Brimstone, Flame Shoulder, Silver Y, Square Spot and Common Rustic, Flame Carpet and the delightfully named Cetaceous Hebrew Character. For a full list of species found on the meadow this year click on here