Saturday, 27 September 2008

Another sunny day

It seems the herons are making the most of being in the meadow at the moment and no doubt are catching something to eat there. Its lovely to see them wandering around then freezing for a while to catch their prey out. Alas though they were very difficult to photograph so every time I got near enough they flew off and my trusty little camera isn't up to such shots from a distance, so you just have to imagine that the blob in the middle of the scrub is a heron taking off! The other day I did see a bird I'd never seen before and raced back to look in my books. Now I know we have had a sighting of a wryneck on the park and this looked very much like one - I hope so as they're not common at all in Britain let alone South Wales.
Also great to see a lot of youngsters out and about in the meadow and making use of the log 'benches' to meet up and hang out.