Saturday, 6 September 2008

Weather warning

If anyone is brave enough to venture out towards the meadow no doubt they are most likely a dog walker as why else would you want to when the weather has been like it has. The meadow is flooded in places and just plain boggy in others but great if you've got your wellies on. In venturing across the meadow beware of going too far over towards the river as its just plain dangerous - I will attempt later to show how dangerous it is (if I can with two dogs and a camera). Yesterday, with dogs firmly on leads and by my side, I ventured toward the path by the river but its completely disappeared so there is no way anyone can get from there over to the water wheel on Ty Mawr Road (in fact parts of Ty Mawr Road itself are also flooded as well), or the woods behind it, or even access to the path along the railway bridge towards the horses' field across the river toward Radyr). For now I will leave you all with sunnier times and a calm river.