Monday, 26 January 2009

Its cold and wet

but the birds appear to be rejoicing no matter what -against a backdrop of trains rumbling by on their way along the valley line. If you walk late afternoon as the suns begins to slowly set you can hear the sound of thrushes singing their heart out or other birds marking their territory more assertively. There's little colour around apart from the yellow of the gorse and the red of a solitary dogwood bush - of course the straw like bits of the meadow make a lovely contrast to a deep blue sky on days like today when the sun actually shines. The meadow is pretty boggy at the moment in some bits more than others but then those bits wouldn't be wetland meadow otherwise.
Keep an ear out for the foxes who seem to be quite vocal at the moment as its their breeding season and on bin nights can be seen running off the park in the early hours and into the neighbouring streets in search of easy pickings. I do wonder if some are blaming the noisy barking dog fox for a neighbours dog.