Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Website of the week

Plantlife is the only charity working solely to protect Britain’s wild flowers and plants, fungi and lichens, and the habitats in which they are found.
Established in 1989 after a meeting of conservationists and botanists, led by Professor David Bellamy, called for a new organisation, an 'RSPB for plants', to champion wild plant conservation. Today, Plantlife is the leading charity working to protect wild plants and their habitats both regionally in the UK (eg, Plantlife Wales) and internationally. The wild flowers and plants that give the UK its unique character, from our woodland and meadows to our uplands and coastline, are under tremendous pressure from intensive farming, habitat destruction, invasive plants from overseas, over-grazing, climate change and pollution. A report in 2007 confirmed that a staggering one in five of Britain’s wild plants is threatened with extinction. Meadows are also areas of concern, which is why our own MeadowLife project is so important to us.