Monday, 4 August 2008

Nature detectives

Today there was a bug hunt in the meadow with about 30 little nature detectives (and their minders). Thankfully, the weather held as the meadow has been getting quite a lot of rain over the past few days.
Still its looking glorious even though some flowering plants are 'going over' as the summer begins to come to an end. However, many have commented that the meadow appears to have been more colourful this year so hopefully with a lot of hard work in the autumn clearing scrub we will get an even better show next year and for longer.
If there are any budding nature detectives out there 'here's' the place to go for some thing to do in the meadow. They have some great 'spotter sheets' that you can run off, or if the weather is too wet to come out to the meadow then why not try these 'puzzles'.